Teen Zone

Finally....a place just for TEENS!  Located at the back of the kids' section, the Teen Zone has young adult books, magazines, audio books, computers, a large table, and plenty of seating.  Best of all?  It's for teens only.  That means that younger kids and adults are welcome to come in to grab a book- but computers and seating are reserved for ages 13-17 only.

As part of this exclusive group, teens must remember:  'With great privilege comes great responsibility". In case you're not sure what those responsibilities might be, see the library's code of conduct.

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Activities for Teens

Choose the programs that you prefer to participate in, including activities and events at The Hangout. Older teens may choose to participate in adult programs.   See the library calendar for  a list of upcoming activities.

Color Me Calm

Remember how much you enjoyed coloring as a child? The library has coloring sheets and pencils for grown-ups. Drop by the library to color....and be calm!

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