Special Events

We are happy you have chosen to plan a special event within the City of Mount Pleasant.  From community based festivals to parades and fairs, the City of Mount Pleasant is proud to approve permits for a number of exciting special events each year.

The Mount Pleasant Municipal Code (112.15-112.28) provides the framework and guidance for the issuance of Special Event Permits within the City of Mount Pleasant.  In general, any organized activity impacting city services or involving the use of, or having impact on, public property, public facilities, sidewalks, medians, or street areas requires a permit.

Special Events Permit Process

The following includes the City of Mount Pleasant Special Events Permit Application (PDF) and accompanying instructions developed to guide you through the process.


A completed application may be filed as early as six months prior to the event, but must be received no later than 30 days before the actual event date. Note: Advertisement of events and times prior to permit application does not constitute permit approval.

After you complete the application, sign the form and return it to the City of Mount Pleasant City Hall,  located at 501 N Madison Mount Pleasant.  Please be sure to include your application fee with the application (Checks can be made payable to City of Mount Pleasant).

Permit Process

The permit application process begins when you submit a completed Special Event Permit Application.  Keep in mind that acceptance of your application should in no way be construed as final approval or confirmation of your request.

Upon receipt of your application, the City Director of Community Services will help guide you through the permit process. The Director will then distribute for review copies of your application to all City departments affected by your application. During the review process you will be notified if your event requires additional information, permits, or licenses. You will be allowed time to provide us with all pending documents.  Delays in providing these items often delay our ability to finish our review and issue a Special Event Permit for your event.

You may be contacted individually by these departments if they have specific questions or concerns about your event. Depending upon the impact on City services and the size and type of event, a group meeting with you, all affected departments, and your coordinator, may be scheduled to clarify questions and concerns.

Other Permits

While we have tried to make this process a "one-stop" process, it is your responsibility to contact federal, state, or county agencies for other relevant permits. 

Events in Parks 

If you plan to hold your event in a City park, you will need to contact the appropriate division within the City of Mount Pleasant Parks and Recreation Services Department.  Special rules and restrictions unique to each site or facility may apply.  To book a Special Event in the park, contact Parks Customer Service at 903-575-4000.

Events at the Civic Center Pavilion

If you plan to hold your event at the Civic Center Pavilion, you will need to contact the Mount Pleasant Civic Center Office.  Special rules and restrictions unique to the site or facility may apply.  To book a Special Event at the Civic Center Pavilion, contact Civic Center Manager at 903-575-4190.


The City strives to keep fees as low as possible by charging only for the cost of processing the application and City services.  In addition to the cost of process and other services (i.e. security, waste, and toilet facilities), additional fees such as health/food safety permit and facility rental fees may apply.  Depending on the type of event, respective fees may vary.

On behalf of the City of Mount Pleasant, we thank you for contributing to the spirit and vitality of our City through the staging of your event.  Best wishes for a successful event!