Sanitary Sewer Collection

Department Responsibilities
The function of this department is to safely and efficiently collect and transport spent waste water from the point of origin at residences, businesses, and industries, to the waste water treatment plant. An effective team of employees operating within state, federal, and local rules and regulations accomplishes these goals.
Our responsibilities include:
  • Assisting and supporting other departments
  • Installation and maintenance of sanitary sewer clean-outs
  • Maintaining approximately 190 miles of system pipelines, 1,950 manholes and 5,144 service taps, and 20 lift stations
  • Maintaining safety standards for trench and confined space entry to the sewers
  • Performing preventative maintenance cleaning
  • Protecting public health by reducing sewer spills
  • Reducing the amount of inflow and infiltration admitted to the system to reduce treatment costs and increase plant efficiency