The Historical Museum at Mount Pleasant Public Library opened in January of 2013 and features displays and artifacts that illustrate the rich history of the city and county, as well as interactive elements that highlight pivotal moments in the area's past. 

  • Step inside a Caddo grass hut and hear a Native American tell vignettes of life in a Caddo village. Most of the items in the Native American collection were found here in Titus County.                 
  • Stop by the field tent to hear a firsthand account of Titus County's contributions to the Civil War, as told by Lieutenant Harrison Barrow, as he visited Pleasant to gather provisions for the Confederate soldiers.                 
  • Visit a hand hewn log cabin very similar to those that early settlers built and lived in with their entire family. Inside you'll see a 150 year old spinning wheel and a chair owned by N.C. Elder in 1900.                 
  • Gaze at the cotton fields mural spread across the wall. Take a look at the cotton sack dragged by a cotton picker who was paid by the pounds of cotton he picked each day.                 
  • Watch and listen to the video explaining why the railroad was so important in Mount Pleasant's history. At one time many different trains traveled through the town, helping it to grow into the city it is today.

History of the Collection

Traylor Russell first began collecting local history materials in 1969, when the library moved into the old post offfice building building at 213 North Madison. Since that time, families with local ties have donated many artifacts and memorabilia to the library collection.

Museum Hours

The museum is open during regular business hours, with the latest entry time being 30 minutes before closing. Children under the age of 13 years must be accompanied by an adult.

Museum Tours

Group Tours of the museum must be scheduled in advance. Call the library at 903-575-4180  to schedule a tour.