Mission Statement

The overall purpose of the Mount Pleasant Public Library is to serve all of the citizens of Mount Pleasant and Titus County by offering the services, resources and facilities to fulfill their informational, educational and recreational needs and interests.  The term "citizens" encompasses individuals and groups of every age, educational level, philosophy, occupation, economic level, ethnic origin and human condition.

The Mount Pleasant Public Library shall strive toward the following goals:

  • To assemble, preserve, and administer books, and other related educational, informative, and recreational materials, within the framework of its budget, in order to promote an enlightened citizenship and enrich personal lives.
  • To serve the community as a center of accurate information.
  • To accumulate fiction and nonfiction resources for the use and benefit of our citizens.
  • To initiate activities which encourage the most effective use of library materials.
  • To cooperate with educational, civic, and cultural groups and organizations whose aims are compatible with those of the library.
  • To provide resources for literacy achievement and life-long learning to our citizens.