Planning & Zoning Commission


The Planning & Zoning Commission meets as needed for case hearings.

  • 6 p.m.
  • Second Tuesday of the month
  • City Council Chambers
    City Hall
    501 N. Madison Avenue
    Mount Pleasant, TX 75455

On occasion, meetings times and dates may change due to holidays and other special circumstances. Please call the planning department 903-575-4000 to verify meeting dates.

Organization & Responsibilities

The planning and zoning commission is a five-member board responsible for making recommendations to the city council on zoning and subdivision matters. Each member is a resident of Mount Pleasant and is appointed by the city council to serve a two-year term. The two-year terms are staggered ending January 31 each year.

Public Hearings

Some of the items on the agenda of the planning and zoning commission are administrative in nature and do not require a public hearing. Others such as zoning changes require a public hearing. Each public hearing is preceded by a staff introduction of the request. The applicant is then permitted to make a presentation to the commission. The commission may spend time asking the applicant questions about the request. In addition, the commission will hear others who wish to speak in opposition or in support of the request. If there are organized groups in attendance, a representative should be selected to serve as spokesperson for the group. After a brief rebuttal by the applicant, the hearing will be closed and no further testimony will be permitted. Discussion of the issue will follow and a recommendation will be made.