Collection Fees

Collection Fees

  • Republic Services/Allied Waste provides trash collection service for the city. Residential customers have two pickups per week at a monthly cost of $15.10 + tax, for this mandatory service and charges for this service are collected as part of your monthly water bill.
  • Commercial customers must contact Republic Services/Allied Waste directly for their solid waste collection fees.

 Solid Waste Collection Fees

  • Residential: $15.10
  • Commercial Handload: $31.99
  • Commercial Cart Service: $37.78

 Containers Size
 2 yard$51.72$89.96$142.54$181.49$214.49
 3 yard$74.27$129.08$184.02$246.00$301.45
 4 yard$95.56$166.14$235.46$313.70$382.47
 6 yard$132.48$228.66$322.40$418.49$524.99
 8 yard$163.84$277.59$391.17$504.68$625.07
 Containers SizeUnscheduled Pick-ups per Haul
Monthly Rental
20 yard$465.26$59.01
30 yard$581.50$59.01
40 yard$697.93$59.01

Collection Schedule

  • The area of the city located east of Jefferson Avenue is collected on Monday and Thursday.
  • The area of the city located west of Jefferson Avenue is collected on Tuesday and Friday.

Requirements for Trash Collection

  • The following are requirements for trash collection.
  • All residents and commercial establishments that are not provided with commercial container service shall use plastic trash bags having a minimum thickness of two (2) mils.
  • Commercial establishments shall use commercial container service in lieu of hand collection, in the event said commercial establishments generates in excess of one and one-half (1-1/2) cubic yards of solid waste weekly.
  • Brush and tree limbs shall not be placed in containers but shall be put out for collection after being tied in bundles that do not exceed four (4) feet in length.
  • All residents, and commercial establishments that do not use commercial container service, and have a paved alley, shall place their solid waste outside the fence or property line for collection. Where there is no paved alley, solid waste shall be placed in front of the property at the street side on the garbage truck route.
  • Commercial customers or handicapped persons may request special collection of bulky waste by calling Republic Services/Allied Waste at (903) 577-3100.
  • Problems concerning trash collection, please call 1-800-678-7274.

Additional Solid Waste Disposal

In an effort to reduce illegal dumping, the City of Mount Pleasant has joined with Republic Services/Allied Waste to provide the City of Mount Pleasant/Titus County residents with the following: Two passes per year, with a maximum weight of 1 ton per pass, to Pleasant Oaks Landfill.

You may dispose of two truck or trailer loads of residential solid waste per year per household at no charge, maximum weight is 1 ton per trip. Resident must pay for any additional weight.

This policy does not apply to industrial or commercial solid waste.

To obtain your passes you must:

•    Present valid identification at the City of Mount Pleasant water office

•    Present proof of payment of residential collection services for County residents

For information concerning Pleasant Oaks Landfill please call 903-577-3100.