Requesting a Variance


  1. Contact the Planning Department
    Schedule a meeting with the planning department to discuss the appropriate variance(s) requested.
  2. Application and Fee
    Submit an application for variance (see on-line forms) and the $250.00 application fee (non-refundable) to the planning department. The property owner must sign the application. If the applicant is not the owner, a notarized document showing authority to request the variance must accompany the application. A site plan of the lot showing all property lines as well as a depiction of the requested variance must also accompany the application.
  3. Public Notification and Notification of Surrounding Property Owners.
    • Public notification - Notice of the public hearing before the board of adjustment will be published one time in the local newspaper 15 days prior to the public hearing date.
    • Notification of surrounding property owners - 15 days prior to the public hearing before the board of adjustment written notices are sent to all property owners within 200 feet of the property in question.
  4. Public Hearing before the Board of Adjustment
    The Board of Adjustment will consider the variance request at a scheduled meeting. Anyone interested may speak for or against the request during the public hearing. The board of adjustment reviews the case and may approve, approve with amendments, table, or deny the variance request. According to state law, no variance can be granted without the concurring vote of at least four (4) members of the board.
  5. Appeals 
    The only appeal to a decision rendered by the board of adjustment is to the District Court of the State of Texas. The appeal must be filed with the district court within ten (10) days of the board's decision. State law prohibits the city council from hearing any appeal.