Save A Life Campaign

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To Save a Life

The Mount Pleasant Animal Services “Save a Life” campaign supports our pet population in finding a home through someone like you.  

While it can be a joyous experience to bring a new puppy or kitten into your life, you should consider adopting an older animal from our shelter.  Every year in the United States there are between 9 to 11 million animals euthanized because they have no home. These animals are loving, trusting, affectionate, and we ask that you consider adoption over purchasing.  For this reason, our Animal Services Shelter offers you a chance to take home a pet today.  Whether you are looking for a young animal, a mature animal or a senior, our website makes pet adoption easy.  



 Some people are reluctant to adopt a mature animal. There are many benefits to adopting that older animal.  Most of the time they are crate trained and/or house trained.  They are usually beyond the chewing stage and your furniture will be safe.  They understand and know basic commands.  They are social and get along well with others.  These pets are highly trainable and will learn the name you choose to give them.  They are very devoted to pleasing their new family, and will respond favorably to signs of affection.

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Adopted animals help decrease both pet overpopulation and the number of euthanized animals in shelters, foster homes and rescue groups. The adoption/placement fees for these animals is much less than if you were to purchase from a breeder or pet store.  Our shelter only charges for medical sterilization and necessary vaccinations.  We do not make any money from the adoption.  We even give your pet a free microchip in case it becomes lost again so it can be returned home to your loving care.

 Adoption is not for everyone but if you are looking for a wonderful animal to share your life and home with, consider checking our shelter population daily for a pet you feel is right for you.  By adopting not only have you saved the life of your new pet, you have created a spot for the next unwanted animal. We love animals and work hard each day to save as many as we can.

 We appreciate your support.